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A top-down Automotive Locksmith course with over 170 lessons, including lectures, and many jobs in the field, Join us in one of the most rewarding high-skill professions.

This class is designed to give a detailed overview of the Automotive Locksmithing process from start to finish using a variety of key cutting and programming tools like the Xhorse Dolphin XP-005, Mini Condor, Xhorse Key Tool Max and KeyTool Plus, Autel IM508, KEYDIY KD-X2, and more.

Unlike other courses, here you will learn about more than just the North American market, as we also work on cars made by French, Czech, Italian, British, Romanian, Spanish & Chinese manufacturers. (+many more)

As with all our courses, this class will open you to one of our live community forums: General Automotive Locksmithing, where you could discuss with other course takers, and get Priority Tech Support from us related to this class for an unlimited time. Each Class also features a comment section.

Course Length: The course can be completed in 4-5 days but you will have unlimited access to the materials, useful when performing a job License Length: Unlimited.

Instructor: Roee Benafshi
16 Years Locksmith Experience - In the industry since 2006, one of the previous owners/founders of Key-On-Spot Locksmith in Miami. Roee is known as one of the most advanced high-end vehicle locksmiths in the US. He has been working on high-end vehicles like Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, Audi & VW for many years. He has watched the evolution of these key systems over the years. He provides a no-nonsense understanding of what tools work best for the right situation & how to properly use them.

Once you purchase the course you will have unlimited access to complete all the lessons, here on our website. This is more than enough time to cover all of the material. You will receive a certificate upon completion

After purchasing the course you will receive a confirmation email linking you directly to all your purchased courses. You may access this course using the link provided to your email with your order confirmation, under the "My Account" tab next to the sign-in menu on the website, or using the top "MY COURSES" menu tab.

With your purchase, you will also receive access to exclusive discounts that will help you get started with top-of-the-line equipment for your business. These discounts will not be available anywhere else and are specifically catered to help automotive locksmiths taking this course.


  • Know how to approach any job type confidence. We will give you all the tools you need to accurately gauge what is needed to complete any job.

  • How to use different types of Lishi. The principles to Unlock, Decode and Cut keys for all types of car locks, demonstrated using over 15 different Lishi Tools, Test your knowledge with a comprehensive multiple-choice quiz.

  • How to be financially competitive with Cost Savings Measures. In-depth analysis of Universal Keys & Remotes, Transponder cloning, and how to return your investment faster.

  • Key Programming guides from start to finish, including disassembly. We take you with us through all steps needed to complete the job. (when available)

  • Worldwide Coverage, including Euro, Asian, American & Chinese Cars. Our unique market allows us to show you all types of cars, Opel/Vauxhall, SsangYong, Skoda... & more.

  • Including many Advanced Procedures. Over 50 intermediate lessons for Audi, BMW, Land Rover, Mercedes, Renault, Seat, Skoda, Volkswagen, Volvo and even Motorcycles.

  • Make Keys via Dump. Covering the most complicated BOOT jobs where OBD or Bench is not enough, including Iveco, Opel, Toyota, Volkswagen and more...

  • Related Procedures. Light ECU Cloning, Renew EIS, Renew Remotes, Send files to supplier, and all procedures needed to make keys for the newest cars in the market.


  • AUTEL: IM508(S), IM608(II), KM100
  • XHORSE: Key Tool Plus, Key Tool, Key Tool Max, Mini OBD, Mini Prog, VVDI Prog, VVDI2
  • LONSDOR: K518(Pro), KH100
  • OBDSTAR: DP Plus(G3)
  • SCORPIO-LK: Tango
  • AUTEK: IKEY-820

LECTURES contain multiple videos & written guides within each lesson


Each tool covered in the course will be linked when it's shown in a lesson.

If you don’t own a key cutting machine already, the Xhorse Dolphin XP-005 is the main machine used in the lesson. It’s recommended by the instructor for its ease of use, durability, and portability. A great machine for those starting their career or even veterans in the business, if you need residential key cutting aswell, look at the Mini Condor II Plus.

If you don't own a programming machine, the Xhorse Key Tool Max + Mini OBD, Xhorse Key Tool PlusAutel IM508, and KEYDIY KD-X2 are all covered in the course. These are all great machines and no matter which one you choose the course will cover how to use it correctly and help you overcome any obstacles you might face.

*If a device used in our course has been re-released, our info is valid for both generations.

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