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Crack the code to high-paying locksmith jobs! Our course unlocks the secrets of EEPROM jobs which are used in advanced key making for Luxury & Secured cars. Become a confident pro & dominate this growing market. Enroll now!

Jobs requiring EEPROM and MCU related intervention have been the bread and butter of high-end locksmiths for years, by safeguarding the knowledge, they kept these highly profitable jobs for themselves, especially when the demand for qualified locksmiths rose as systems requiring these skills gain wider adoption by car manufacturers. In this course we reveal the inner workings of this specialty, and train you on everything required to face these more advanced jobs with confidence.

We will teach how to use any* memory programmer & immo-data tool or All-in-1, working on cars like Audi, BMW, Volvo, Porsche, Volkswagen, Land Rover, Jaugar, Mini Cooper, Mercedes, Toyota, Iveco, Opel/Vauxhall, Yamaha & more.

As with all our courses, this class will open you to one of our Community Forums: Advanced Automotive Locksmithing, where you could discuss with other course takers, and get Priority Tech Support related to this class for an unlimited time.

Course Length: The course can be completed in 1-2 days, but you will have unlimited access to the materials. License Length: Unlimited.

Instructor: Roee Benafshi
16 Years Locksmith Experience - In the industry since 2006, one of the previous owners/founders of Key-On-Spot Locksmith in Miami. Roee is known as one of the most advanced high-end vehicle locksmiths in the US. He has been working on high-end vehicles like Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, Audi & VW for many years. He has watched the evolution of these key systems over the years. He provides a no-nonsense understanding of what tools work best for the right situation & how to properly use them.

Once you purchase the course you will have unlimited access to complete all the lessons, here on our website. This is more than enough time to cover all of the material. You will attain a certificate upon completion.

After purchasing the course you will receive a confirmation email linking you directly to all your purchased courses. You may access this course using the link provided to your email with your order confirmation, under the "My Account" tab next to the sign-in menu on the website, or using the top "MY COURSES" menu tab.


  • IC Programmers and Memory devices (MODIFY MEMORY IN IC)

  • Software overview – VVDI2, Tango, Autel, VVDI Prog +Immo Data Tools, key maker and different procedures.

  • Advanced soldering techniques to know how to handle any key programming diagram.

  • How to fully take advantage of memory programmers like AUTEL's XP400, VVDI PROG, KEYTOOL PLUS & more. (Stop having them sit aside)

  • Make Keys via Dump: Generate Ready to start Chips for a variety of models including: Toyota/Lexus, Volvo, Iveco, Motorcycles, Opel/Vauxhall & more.

  • Master VAG systems by soldering for Audi, Volkswagen, Porsche, Bentley, Lamborghini... including systems like BCM, BCM2, Kessy, IMMO-IV, MQB.

  • Extract Mercedes Benz key programming data by soldering instantly without relying on server calculations and long wait times.

  • Master Volvo soldering key-making techniques, all the way from 2000 model years using ID48 transponder keys to 2021 models using Smart Keys.

Sample from the Course:

Company Memory Programmer IMMO-DATA TOOL
Xhorse VVDI Multi/Mini/PROG VVDI2, Key Tool Plus/Max Pro/Max
Scorpio-LK Orange5, Barracuda Tango**
AUTEL XP400 Pro IM508, IM608
XTOOL KC501 Pad 3 (AutoProPad G2)
OBDSTAR MP001 Key Master G3, X300 DP Plus/KeyMaster5 (Pro4)
Transponder Maker Pro TMPRO2 TMPRO2**

*No one device does it all, feel free to consult with us which devices can best fit your needs.


Each tool covered in the course will be linked next to its respective lesson, or you can find a variety of EEPROM Programmers in our collection.

If you don’t own a programming machine already, the Xhorse Suite of tool are used in the lesson and are recommended by the instructor for their reliability, compatibility, and robustness. Though any full memory programmer, alongside an IMMO-data tool can be used.

*Each professional has their preference in tools, our instructor usually uses Xhorse and Scorpio-LK tools, however the skills thought can be utilized universally with any tool.
**IMMO-DATA dedicated tools can be used mostly to program Transponders Keys. Cars that use keys with an On-Board Chip together with a Remote (like Smart or Slot keys) usually require an All-in-1 tool like the Autel IM608.

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