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Launched in 2022, the Condor XC-Mini Plus II is truly the key cutter machine of the future, suitable for cutting home keys, dimple keys, car keys, and motorcycle keys. Installed with a host of powerful features, such as an 8-core processor, a 7” intelligent touch-screen display, and smart user interaction in Android, it makes a locksmith’s work completely effortless. With Bluetooth and Wi-Fi built-in, you can even control the machine from your smartphone. Intelligent color synchronization, an all key lost database, and optical key bitting recognition complete the remarkable lineup of features. There’s no doubt this key cutter machine delivers on its promise of achieving results beyond your imagination.

Introduction to the machine

Highlights of condor mini plus 2: 

1. Supports Car, Motorcycle, and Household keys.

2. Updates online directly on mini plus ii.

3. Intelligent Indicator Light, 7'' HD Touch Screen.

4. Key Blank Engraving

5.8-Core Process

6. Optical Key Bitting Recognition (Work with KEY READER)

7. All-purpose Clamps have Extraordinary Versatility

8. All Key Lost Solution

9. Key blank Engraving

10. Key Data Customization

11. Support Bluetooth and WiFi

12. Key 3D Preview

Automatic Key Cutting Machine Comparison Dolphin
Net Weight (KG) 13 15 17 19
Size (MM) 390*220*270 315*218*270 251*421*318 515*480*380
Offline KeyCode Database
Single High/Low Security Clamp Addition
Built-in Screen
Controllable by Phone
Portable Battery
*Can cut FO21/SX9/Crucifix
*Residential key cut-by-code
*Single-Sided key duplication
Manufacturer's Warranty 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year 3 Years
*Adapters for special keys sold seperately:
Xhorse: M3(FO21+SX9)/M4(1-Sided)
Cut Multi-Lock Dimple Keys

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