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BMW / Mini Key Programming from A to Z

Master the art of BMW! Unlock lucrative opportunities, risk-free! Make keys for models from 1993 till 2022 with our comprehensive KEYTOOL PLUS course. Enroll now & become a key programming pro!

This class is designed to give a detailed overview of the BMW Key Programming process, shown on a wide variety of different models with the Xhorse Key Tool PLUS Tablet. We will be covering EWS, CAS, FEM/BDC, & ISN Recovery. Depending on the BMW or Mini model and year you face, you will run into one of these systems. Learning how to make keys for them, whether through soldering, the use of adapters, or OBD will open you to a highly profitable market, where you will be able to master all models, starting from the first EWS System in 1993 to modern FEM/BDC*.

As with all our courses, this class will open you to one of our Community Forums: BMW Key Making, where you could discuss with other course takers, and get Priority Tech Support related to this class for an unlimited time.

Course Length: The course can be completed in 2-3 days but you will have unlimited access to the materials. License Length: Unlimited.

Instructor: Roee Benafshi
16 Years Locksmith Experience - In the industry since 2006, one of the previous owners/founders of Key-On-Spot Locksmith in Miami. Roee is known as one of the most advanced high-end vehicle locksmiths in the US. He has been working on high-end vehicles like Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, Audi & VW for many years. He has watched the evolution of these key systems over the years. He provides a no-nonsense understanding of what tools work best for the right situation & how to properly use them.

Once you purchase the course you will have unlimited access to complete all the lessons, here on our website. This is more than enough time to cover all of the material. You will attain a certificate upon completion

After purchasing the course you will receive a confirmation email linking you directly to all your purchased courses. You may access this course using the link provided to your email with your order confirmation, under the "My Account" tab next to the sign-in menu on the website, or using the top "MY COURSES" menu tab.

With your purchase, you will also receive access to exclusive discounts for tools related to BMW Key Programing. These discounts are not available anywhere else and are specifically catered to help automotive locksmiths taking this course.


  • EWS System - You will cover EWS3 and EWS4. You will be learning to use the Key Tool Plus for both of these. For EWS3 you will be using soldering and for EWS4 you will be using adapters to complete the job. 
  • CAS1-3You will be covering the complete CAS System going from CAS1, CAS2, and CAS3.
  • ISN - Learn how to read ISN on Bench using Bosch ECU adapter (Required for All-Keys-Lost)
  • CAS 3+ Special Models - You will learn how to troubleshoot modern CAS systems even when they are encrypted.
  • CAS 4/4+ - You will learn how to troubleshoot modern CAS systems using compatible solder-free adapters to get the job done.
  • FEM/BDC - Learn how to unlock the FEM/BDC Unit if it is locked so you can program and perform key learning with the Key Tool Plus and the Mini Prog.



      Each tool covered in the course will be linked next to its respective lesson, or you can find a variety of tools, machines, and keys covered in our BMW collection.

      If you don’t own a programming machine already, the Xhorse Key Tool Plus Tablet is the machine used in the lesson. It’s recommended by the instructor for its ease of use, compatibility, and portability. A great machine for those starting their career or even veterans in the business. 

      *Our course doesn't cover G-Chasis models, since aftermarket tools don't support them yet.

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