Xhorse Toyota 8A Non-Smart Key Adapter for All Key Lost via OBD No Remove Immo Box

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Without Disassembling Immobilizer Box
Compatible with Key Tool Max Pro, Key Tool PlusVVDI2, Key Tool Max+ Mini OBD Tool (1 adapter combines with 1 machine only)

  • For Toyota 8A H chip (non-smart) All keys lost from year 2014 to 2019 via OBD, without disassembling Immobilizer box
  • Supports VVDI2, Key Tool Max+ Mini OBD Tool
  • Everyday has 5 times limit. If more than 5 times attempt, it will display "Run out of attempts for the day"
  • This is for standard 8A turn keys, no smart key

Xhorse Toyota 8A control box cable supported car models:

Levin, Corolla, Rav4, Prado, Land Cruiser, Camry, Highlander, Reiz, Sienna

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Toyota 8A Adapter with VVDI2 Connection:



Q: Even without vvdi2 i can use it with mini obd tool?

A: Yes. With Key Tool Max+ Mini OBD.


Q: Does it require token or authorization?

A: No, it does not require token nor license.


Q: What years would this work on?

A: It works on all years.


Q: Toyota Aygo 2015 System H all keys lost. Does this computer program the chip?

A: Yes, it does.


Q: Hilux? Hiace?

A: No problem, Toyota Hiace and Hilux (2015-2019 Immo box)


Q: Proximity or just keyed?

A: Not smart key. Just key.


Q: What versions of modules Immo H supports?

A: Immo box F3-F4-K6-S6


Q: I thought it was for obd but nope

A: If it's for Obd2, yesterday I did it in bench but it's by Obd2 via antenna without removing any screws from the board.


Q: Hiace and Hilux which years, please?

A: 2016-2017-2017-2018-2019


Q: Is this used to program toyota H immo box on bench?

A: not on bench on car via obd no need to dismantle the dash anymore vvdi2 new software + key tool max u can read Immo data and make keys directly to Immo or other option is barracuda and tango on bench.

with this set must be on car because there is a connection to fuse box and obd and ign coil.


Q: What tool use to this connector to programing

A: VVDI2 or Key Tool Max+ Mini OBD Tool.


Q: Possible to program smart key Land cruiser after 2016?

A: Yes, it will.


Q: Possible to use the 8a adapter with vvdi2 basic version? or full version only?

A: You can use the 8A adapter with any versions of vvdi2.

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