2008-2019 Audi Smart Key 754J | 4-Buttons | 315/434/868MHz | 8T0959754G (Xhorse-Aftermarket)

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This key is compatible with the Xhorse VVDI BCM2 Adapter.

An excellent quality, new Xhorse-Aftermarket Audi Smart Remote Key Fob 754J for 2008-2019 models compatible with original(OE) Part Number 8T0959754G or FCC IYZFBSB802.

  • Buttons: 4
  • Frequency: 315/434/868MHz
  • Part Number: 8T0959754G 4G0.959.754G 4H0.959.754DB 4H0.959.754G 8K0.959.754B 8K0.959.754BB 8K0.959.754F 8T0.959.754A 8T0.959.754AD 8T0.959.754AJ 8T0.959.754G 8T0.959.754S (Xhorse: XSADJ1EN XSADJ1GL)
  • Includes emergency key: No
  • Battery: CR2032 (Installed)
  • Programmable by: Xhorse PC-OBD
This product requires adaption to the vehicle, Please contact your local auto locksmith or dealer to cut/program and confirm compatibility*.
Some vehicles allow free 'manual programming', refer to your owner's manual if applicable.
*Our suggested compatibility is researched to the best of our knowledge. Please confirm part number and/or FCC ID to ensure proper fitment, we would be happy to help.

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  Read BCM2 data Sync data Read BCM2 data Sync data
A4L/A5/Q5 -2013 OBD No OBD/some need remove BCM2 No
A4L/A5/Q5 2013-2019 Xhorse BCM2 Adapter No VVDI BCM2 adapter No
A6L/A7/A8 -2013 OBD Obtain from working key OBD/some need remove BCM2 Obtain from third party
A6L/A7/A 2013-2019 OBD Obtain from working key VVDI BCM2 adapter Obtain from third party

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