VN012 - Security data extraction for VAG vehicles with Magneti Marelli 9GV ECU


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Requirements AMS I18

The VN012 lets you read the Immo data (PIN and CS) of the 9GV ECU. This immo data can later be used in the following cases:

  • ECU adaptation
  • key learning

The procedure is done by OBD in the car, or on the bench (using the ZN051 Distribution Box) without opening the ECU.

In an All Keys Lost situation, this data can be used directly in order to program a key, but any original keys cannot be used anymore (if found later).

If there is an already working key, this data is not enough, and you should read the Immo data of the immobilizer too, in order to keep the original keys working. Of course, it is possible to proceed like in the "All Keys Lost" situation and make two or more keys only with the 9GV data, losing the ability to use any original keys.

An AVDI Interface, active AMS and internet connection are required in order to use this special function.

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