TOPDON T-Darts - Bluetooth Transponder & Remote Tester Tool For Key Programming


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With the T-Darts, technicians and key specialists unlock a new dimension of analysis and programming. The T-Ninja Pro and UltraDiag support chip recognition and frequency detection when used together with the T-Darts, a TOPDON-designed Transponder & Remote Tester Tool, enables users to perform key programming for mainstream automobiles available on the global market. Get excellent coverage with the T-Darts, covering over 100 different transponder chips. The T-Darts also features outstanding practicality, with Bluetooth connectivity, lengthened RF detection range, and the option to run on four AAA batteries.

Pairing the T-Darts with either the T-Ninja Pro or your mobile phone gives professionals all the versatility and capabilities they would need to turn profits and maximize efficiency. TOPDON will continue to upgrade and unlock more features in the future.


  • T-Darts allows either USB or Battery powered function
  • T-Darts Supports Transponder Chips
  • Supports 100+ Transponder Chips
  • T-Dart identifies Radio Frequency of each Vehicle Remote
    (300-320Mhz, 430-434Mhz, 868Mhz, 902-915Mhz)
  • Can connect directly to phones
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Can Incorporate 4 Triple A Batteries

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