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The memory device is Motorola MCU, which can be either MC68HC05X16 or MC68HC908AZ32, both QFP64 packages.
Important note: if Motorola MCU is MC68HC05X16 – EEPROM area is locked, you have to use a proper programmer to read it.

For MC68HC05X16 expected file size is 256 bytes, for MC68HC908AZ32 expected file size is 512 or 1024 bytes.
Use the T5 transponder.
The written transponder is ready and programmed to start the vehicle.
Note: if the immobox contains an RF receiver in a metal box, this means that the original key had a remote function. In this case, you have also to perform START ERROR repair.

Vehicles equipped with this unit:

Mercedes: Sprinter(1998-2006), Vito(1998-2006)
Volkswagen: LT28(2000-), LT35(2000-)

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