Small Blade Bundle - KEYDIY Xhorse Universal Flip Blades - 123 Keys / 26 Types

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This set includes the most crucial keys, fitting both the Global & North American market.

If you want a more complete kit, which includes a LABLED organized box, click here.

Blade Compatibility: Xhorse / KD / Autel / Lonsdor / KYDZ Universal Flip & Smart Keys. + KD Transponder Key Heads

7 VW / Audi HU66 UB10023
7 Honda HO01 UB10009
7 GM High Security Blade - HU100 UB10020
7 Chrysler Y157/Y159 UB10039
6 Lexus TOY48 (Short) UB10021
6 Honda HD103 / HD106 UB10002
6 GM Z-Keyway B106 (#66) UB10042
5 Toyota TR47 UB10001
5 Nissan DA34 / NSN14 UB10008
5 Mitsubishi MIT1 UB10029
5 Mazda MZ31 / MZ34 UB10011
5 Hyundai Accent HY15 UB10012
5 GM 10-Cut B102 UB10010
5 Ford HU101 UB10014
5 Ford H75 / FO38 UB10007
5 BMW HU92 (2-Track) UB10018
4 Subaru High Security DAT17 UB10017
3 Hyundai Kia High Security KK12 UB10043
3 Subaru / GM B110 UB10019
3 Mitsubishi MIT3 UB10003
3 Lexus TOY40 (Long) UB10004
3 Hyundai Tuscon HY16 UB10013
3 Hyundai Tucson HYN14 UB10015
3 Hyundai Elantra HY14 UB10005
3 Ford / Jaguar 6-Cut Tibbe FO21 UB10041
3 BMW HU58 (4-Track) UB10006

Note: These are just the blades and do not include the rolling pins. (Pins sometimes come included with a universal remote 5x+ pack)

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