KYDZ MLB 5M-TOOL Key Programmer for VAG 2016+ with KYDZ OBD Bluetooth & MCU-Free Adapters

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The first tool in the world to EASILY add keys for the new VW, Audi, Porsche, Lamborghini, Bentley 2016+ 5M System

Finally, a solution to the previously dealer-only new Audi systems!

From now on, allow your customers to skip the weeks-long wait for Dealer-Keys + exorbitant costs of original software. Now you can provide an unparalleled, instant, safe service as a pioneer in handling these systems with ease.

The KYDZ MLB-TOOL+5M-OBD acts as a A to Z stand-alone tool for these keys, all you need to do is take out the original key's PCB board, fit it into an adapter* (no need to remove the MCU), calculate data, generate Dealer Key wirelessly, and learn all keys to the car using only your mobile phone and the included OBD plug.

3 Calculation Tokens FREE with every new tool ($50 after)

  • 5 Adapter Boards to fit the Remote PCB for all major MLB cars.
  • Free All-Keys-Lost by OBD incase a previous customer lost all their keys.
  • Third-Party key programmer support for OBD Learning.
  • Instant, Wireless Dealer-Key generation.
  • Option to remove MCU instead of capacitors to calculate data for rare supported vehicles:

BUY COMPATIBLE KEYS NOW (a universal key releases soon)

Packaging List:

  • 1pc x Main unit
  • 5pcs x PCB adapter boards
  • 3pc x MCU adapter boards
  • 1pc x Bluetooth OBD Programmer
  • 1pc x USB line
  • 1pc x Power adapter
*A mobile only adapter for the main unit will be released soon.

Download List:

How to change Base from MCU De-soldering
to MCU Solder-Free mode

How to calculate using Remote PCB Adapters

*Fit into adapter after removing capacitors.

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