For Kia Hyundai Steering Lock Simulator Emulator Plug and Start

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For Kia-Hyundai Steering Lock Emulator

For Kia-Hyundai Steering Lock Emulator
For KIA-Hyundai cars, original ESCL (electronic steering
column lock) replacement. Self teaching
(plug & play), no alignment / teaching necessary.

For Kia-Hyundai Things to Know / Troubleshooting

For Kia-Hyundai Installation on Car:

Designed for original ESCL connector. You can desolder it
from broken ESCL and solder directly on to emulator board.
Or you can use connector from original extension cable
(installed on some cars).
• ESCL is not powered pemanently, both GND and +12v are
switched on by PDM for short time to allow LOCK /
UNLOCK actions.
• ESCL operation is managed by IPM which communicates
through serial comm line and additionally allows ESCL
operation by pulling ESEL ENABLE pin to +12v.
• Both ESCL outputs (serial comm. line and ESCL UNLOCK
are open collector outputs without pullups on board.
ESCL_UNLOCK goes low if ESCL is unlocked
• LED on emulator board blinks if any action is performed
(request for lock / unlock received or ESCL is powered on)

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