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Memory device is Motorola MCU 912DG256 or 9S12DG256 or 9S12XDP512
The expected file size is 2048 or 4096 bytes.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Motorola MCU is locked, not possible to read/write with TMPro.
If the job is ALL KEYS LOST and you get the message that file is CAS3+:
– if ISN is 16 bytes you need EEPROM file read from engine ECU.
– if ISN is 2 bytes it is not possible to make key with TMPro.
If the job is SPARE KEY – in all cases you need just CAS file.
For ECU with MPC556 MCU you must read external EEPROM 95c640.
For ECU with TRICORE MCU you must read EEPROM from TRICORE.
Use PCF7936 transponder or remote key.
Written transponder or remote key is ready programmed to start car.
To activate the remote: insert the key to turn the ignition ON. Remove key. Press any button a few times. Repeat these steps till the remote starts to work.
If you have got locked CHINESE BMW HITAG2 remote keys, you can UNLOCK them and set as BRAND NEW so you can use them again with any car.

Vehicles equipped with this unit:
BMW: series 1, series 3, series 5, series 6, X-3, X-5, X-6
Mini: Cooper

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