BN013 – CAS4, FEM/BDC and Bikes (EWS4/HUF) key learning


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Requirements AMS I18

The BN013 license allows you to program keys for BMW F-Series vehicles, equipped with CAS4 or FEM/BDC, and BMW motorcycles, equipped with EWS4 or HUF.
In addition, BN013 allows you to reset the mileage in CAS4 or FEM/BDC, virgin (reset) of CAS4 or FEM/BDC, and adaptation of CAS4 or FEM/BDC unit.

Supported models:

1-Series - F20, F21 2012-2019 (FEM)
2-Series - F22, F23 2013-2019 (FEM)
3-Series - F30, F31, F34 2013-2019 (FEM)
4-Series - F36, F32, F33 2013-2020 (FEM)
5-Series - F10, F11 2010-2018 (CAS4)
5-Series - GT F07 2010-2018 (CAS4)
6-Series - F12, F13 2011 (CAS4)
7-Series - F01, F02, F03, F04 2009-2015 (CAS4)
X1-Series - F48 2016-2019 (BDC)
X2-Series - F39 2017-2019 (BDC)
X3-Series - F25 2011-2018 (CAS4)
X4-Series - F26 2014-2018 (CAS4)
X5-Series - F15 2014-2018 (BDC)
X6-Series - F16 2014-2018 (BDC)
i3 - I01 2013+ (BDC)
i8 - I12, I15 2014+ (BDC)

Mini F56-based models 2013+ (BDC)

Ghost Series I 2009-2014 (CAS4)
Rolls-Royce Wraith 2013+ (CAS4)
Rolls-Royce Dawn 2015+ (CAS4)

C650 GT
S 1000 RR
S 1000 R
S 1000 XR
R 1200 GS
R 1200 GS Adv.
R 1200 RT
R 1200 R
R 1200 RS
K 001
K 1200 R
K 1200 S
K 1300 R
K 1600 Bagger
F 750 GS
F 800 GS
F 850 GS
F 850 GS Adv.
F 900 R
F 900 XR
R nineT
R nineT Pure
R nineT Scrambler
R nineT Racer
R nineT Urban G/S

*ZN002 Protag required for the key programming
*ZN030 Abprog required for reading FEM/BDC eeprom
*BN012 required for All Keys Lost situations
An AVDI interface and active AMS are required to purchase this license.

User Manual:

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