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The ABRITES Vehicle Diagnostic Interface - AVDI is the latest generation diagnostic interface produced by Abrites ltd. for cars, bikes, trucks, water scooters, ATVs, and heavy-duty vehicles. It is the basis upon which the whole ABRITES products ecosystem is founded. AVDI is incredibly versatile, offering support for nearly all vehicle brands on the market.

The ABRITES Vehicle Diagnostics Interface (AVDI) is the latest version of our interface that allows the connection between our state-of-the-art software and your vehicles. The AVDI is the basis upon which the whole ABRITES products ecosystem is founded. On this basis you can build a bespoke package of solutions tailored to your needs. The basic package will give you access to a vast array of functionalities that will allow you to enter the world of automotive diagnostics with a minimal investment. Additional purchases will allow you to cover a range of functionalities that is often unmatched by OEM tools.

Each AVDI includes an Annual Maintenance Subscription (AMS) and Support Plan Service (SPS) for the first year of use in order to make sure that you get the full AVDI experience straight away. The AMS allows receiving the latest updates on the AVDI diagnostic software, and the SPS guarantees swift and effective technical support from our team of experienced professionals.

Furthermore, you will be able to perform basic diagnostics to all supported brands - Audi, Volkswagen, Seat, Skoda, Bentley, Lamborghini, BMW, MINI, Rolls Royce, Renault, Dacia, Mercedes-Benz, SMART, Mitsubishi, GM, Peugeot, Citroen, Opel/Vauxhall, Porsche, Honda, Ford, Mazda, Jaguar, Land Rover, Toyota, Lexus, Volvo, FIAT, Alfa Romeo, Lancia, Jeep, Subaru, Nissan, Infiniti, Chrysler, Dodge, Kia, Hyundai, Suzuki, Daihatsu, DAF, Aprilia, BMW, Bombardier Recreational Products and others.

The basic diagnostics that can be performed to all brands listed above are as follows:

  • Complete vehicle scan
  • Module identification – see all modules in the vehicle, complete with VIN and part numbers (where applicable)
  • Reading and clearing diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs)
  • Live data display – see live data from the sensors in the vehicle in real time
  • Actuator testing – identify any possible issues in the car by performing actuator tests

What’s more, all owners of AVDI receive the PassThru driver, which is an invaluable tool allowing you to work with original equipment manufacturer software (OEM), when necessary as well as a vast array of special functions allowing them to get the full experience of our products straight away. You can find details of those by brand listed below.

The J2534 PassThru driver is compatible with the international SAE standards, and emulates different interface units in order to access 3rd party software products. This means, that you can access original equipment manufacturer products and work with them via AVDI, no need for additional tools. It saves time and expenses, leaving you and your customers happy.


BMW - DIS over K-line and CAN bus

BMW - E-Sys, INPA, EDIABAS, NCS Expert, NFS over K-line and CAN bus

BMW Rheingold ISTA-P



Bombardier diagnostic software

Mercedes DAS/Xentry - Star Diagnosis


Evinrude Diagnostics



Ford Scanner


GM - Tech2Win, GDS2 and SPS diagnostic software


Honda/Acura HDS


Hyundai/KIA GDS



Jaguar Land Rover Symptom Driven Diagnostics (JLR SDD)


Mitsubishi MUT3

Nissan Consult III+


Land Rover/Jaguar IDS

Subaru Select Monitor III


Suzuki/Yamaha Marine Diagnostics

Toyota/Lexus/Scion Techstream



Volvo VIDA


VW/Audi/Seat/Skoda/Bentley/Lamborghini ODIS







Webasto TT

VCI emulator which enables AVDI to emulate different interface units (e.g. K-line interface and ELM327 interface)

Complete vehicle diagnostic scan
Read and clear diagnostic trouble codes (DTC)
Display live values from the modules of the vehicle
Perform Input/Output actuator tests
Enable and disable actuators
Access and perform Basic Settings
Calibrations (e.g. steering angle calibration)
Scan all units or separate one, access scan reports in a printable format
Diagnostic channel adaptations
Key programming by channel if the PIN is known

Guided functions for ECU, Instrument cluster, Navigation, Steering wheel, Electronic parking brake, Telephone, Comfort module and Body Control Module

Enable video in motion for MMI 2G and 3G

Steering lock adaptation

7-digit to 4-digit PIN conversion
DPF remove by DUMP – EDC16 (checksum needed), EDC17
Key programming, mileage calibration and module replacement in VAG Immo III and III+ vehicles

Reading and clearing DTCs
Full guide during the DTC procedures
Live data monitoring from multiple modules at the same time with multiple actuator activation
Actuator testing for all electronic modules
Generate/save/write complete Vehicle Order

Key learning if required security data (ISN) is present (ZN002 PROTAG is required)

Disable transport mode

Disable /enable keys
Guided functions:
- Entering and exiting transport mode
- Service interval reset
- DPF Replacement
- DPF Regeneration
- Reset FRM short circuit
- Smooth running DME/ DDE setup
- EGS adaptation reset for ZF 8HP and 6HP
- Enabling parking brake workshop mode
- Injector calibration
- Starting Torque adjustment

Reading and clearing of diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs)
Displaying of actual values (either numerically or graphically)
Actuator testing - ALL actuators can be tested separately.
Advanced – view and edit various configuration parameters
Scan report
Key programming for all vehicles up to 2014 (including Clio IV)

Key programming for the SMART 453/ Renault Twingo III

Module adaptation by VIN change

Change Radio code
Scan report

Advanced diagnostic – up to x95 (off line) ; up to Clio5 (on line)

    - Factory level coding
    - Change language
    - Dongle reset
    - many more

Read and clear diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs)

Monitor live values

Perform actuator tests

SCN coding (e.g. DPF regeneration)

Service interval resets both for Assyst and Assyst Plus for most current models.

Vehicle Identification

Module scanning

Custom session


-    SOFTOUCH activation - switching from semi-automatic to automatic transmission

-    Key programming – models 450, 451, 452, 454
-    Key programming for the SMART 453/ Renault Twingo III
-    Emergency start – models 451, 454

-    Mileage calibration – both SAM module and instrument cluster

-    Gearbox adaptation

-    Cruise control activation

-    Reflashing and renewal of SAM module and SAM/ECM synchronisation


-    Key programming by dump (DAS 2/2a/2b/ DAS 3)

-    Cluster calibration and adaptation for vehicles up to 2014

-    SCN coding completely by OBDII (no Xentry online account is required)

-    CPC modifications by OBDII:

      VMAX limiter removal

      Exhaust flaps adjustment

      Torque limiter adjustment

-    SBC counter reset

-    Enable Video in Motion

-    Clear crash data from Bosch/Temic/TRW airbags up to 2010


Module scanning
Module Identification
Reading and clearing diagnostic fault codes
Live data monitoring

Reading identification data
Reading and clearing fault codes DTCs (description of DTCs is available in multiple languages)
Scanning for available control units
Coding and adaptations
Displaying actual values (measured parameters)
Reading and programming flash Engine Control Units and output tests.

The following functionalities are also included in the online version of the software:
Full module identification
Connecting to the electronic modules

Reading of EDC15 engine control units (ECU)

Reading and clearing of Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs)
Live values monitoring from all electronic modules and sensors using graph and table view
Actuator testing
Module identification
Change ID in BSI, Telematics, Airbag, MDS
Clear crash data in some Airbag modules by DUMP (offline)
Change VIN in the BSI (does not include 2015+ Continental and 2016+ Delphi BSIs), Telematic/Radio, Airbag

Change PIN in the BSI and make the BSI virgin (current PIN must be known)

Key learning to all models if the PIN is known

Change Mode (customer/showroom) BSI 2015+

BSI backup/restore all config

BSI view/clear faults log (via ABRITES Diagnostics for PSA offline) and history logs

BSI service reset (via ABRITES Diagnostics for PSA offline)

Set PIN ELV in BSI (via ABRITES Diagnostics for PSA offline)

Verify/Set PIN in the Hands Free module in the BSI (via ABRITES Diagnostics for PSA offline)

Emergency start if the PIN is known for vehicles with mechanical key (via ABRITES Diagnostics for PSA offline)

Module identification
Read/Clear DTCs
Live data display
Actuator testing
Coding options
Adaptation channels

Module scanning - information on DTCs, Live Data (if available) and extended module identification
Vehicle identification - automatic vehicle model detection
Reading and clearing diagnostic trouble codes - shown in each module
Spare key programming
All Keys Lost
For all vehicles up to 2022!

Module Identification
Scanning for Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs)
Clearing DTCs
Live Data monitoring
Actuator tests
Coding functions
Electronic module special functions
Key programming for all vehicles produced up to 2018 (G-type keys (mechanical and smart keys) and H-type keys (only smart keys)

Key identification and cloning

Reset and subsequent reuse of smart keys (ZN002 PROTAG is also required)

Reading of identification data from all electronic control units
Reading and clearing DTCs
Display of actual values/live data

Service functions such as:

- Service reset

- Reset cylinder adaptations

- No speed limiter

- Change mode (normal, factory, transport, safety)

- And many more

Read Central Car Configuration

Reading and clearing of diagnostic trouble codes
Module detection
Module identification
Extended ID
Live data monitoring
Actuator testing
Read/write Data Flash and Program Flash for EDC15C2 and EDC16CP31 ECUs

Full vehicle scan
Module identification
Reading and clearing of diagnostic trouble codes - with detailed information about the codes
Live data display
Actuator testing
Read the PIN Code from EDC15 and Kefico ECUs by dump

Instrument cluster calibration for instrument clusters with 93c56 EEPROM (2004-2008) - Accent, Vera Cruz, H1…

Reading and clearing of DTCs
Module identification
Extended module identification
Service interval reset
Actuator tests
Measured values
Airbag clear crash data and renew - RCM module with the following processor: XC23xx data flash for FORD/Mazda/JLR and Volvo, as well as TMS470 + EEPROM 25320/25640 for Ford/JLR

Scanning all electronic modules
Reading and clearing diagnostic trouble codes
Data display
ECU-related procedures (identification and configuration)
Actuator tests in order to show the source of the faults
Key programming by OBDII
Transponders/Keys preparation by dump of Immobiliser
BCM – Read/Update ConfData by OBDII, PIN, component protection data
For models up to 2012

Module scanning
Reading and clearing diagnostic trouble codes for all modules,
Service functions

Spare key programming
ALL KEYS LOST key programming
Remote control and keyless programming
for vehicles up to 2018!

Mileage calibration for models up to 2014


Reading identification of modules
Reading/clearing fault codes
Scanning for devices
Data display
Measured values
Security code programming and vehicle identification number (VIN) programming

Module identification
Reading and clearing diagnostic trouble codes
Live data monitoring
Actuator tests

Scan for units
Module identification
Read and clear diagnostic trouble codes
Temporary Diagnostic codes display
Memorized Diagnostic codes display
Current data display
Clear crash data
Monitor live data

Scan the vehicle for all available electronic modules
Read and clear their respective DTCs (diagnostic trouble codes)
View live data for them.

Service functions:

  - Entering the parking brake in service mode
  - IBST VIN learn and reset
  - Test pedal offset
  - Dim central, left or right mirrors
  - Head Lamp communication test
  - HOMELINK communication test
  - Window calibration on all doors
  - NFC amplitude reading and many more

On top of all the free functionality, there are many options that can be purchased separately giving access to a wide range of opportunities for every professional. These functionalities are available as software special functions available in our online shop and include:

-    Key programming – add a spare key or program keys in All Keys Lost situations
-    Module replacement – perform parts exchange, module renewal, module adaptation
-    PIN code reading – get information vital for key programming and module adaptation
   Component security bytes reading – read bytes in order to adapt modules and learn keys
-    Cluster calibration – access the instrument cluster data
-    Engine Control Unit (ECU) programming – update the software to apply custom settings

AVDI is unrivalled in giving you the opportunity to work with nearly 100 % of the vehicles around the world, and OEM tools, as well. It is a tool unmatched in versatility, coverage and functionality. Get your AVDI now, and achieve the impossible!

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