Lonsdor K518ISE Key Programmer Plus LKE Emulator and Super ADP 8A/4A Adapter for Toyota Lexus Proximity Key Programming


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Lonsdor K518 is a key programmer device that is used to program  automotive keys. It is capable of programming keys for a wide range of car brands including BMW, Audi, Volvo, Volkswagen, Ford, GM, Toyota, Honda, and more. The device can work offline 

So he saves you in times of need , as well as perform other diagnostic functions. Additionally, it supports both OBD and chip programming, and can be used to perform immobilizer programming, odometer correction, and remote control programming.


  • The best choice for Land Rover key and smart key programming until 2022 (not for all models and sometimes it is necessary to disassemble the KVM unit 
  • Able to program land rover smart keys for 2015-2019  via OBD through the universal remotes of Lonsdor 

  • Exploded update - programming all types of Toyota keys without pin code for keys with chips 8A\A8\4A (crezy update)

ADP+K518 (Read Data+OBD) Hightlighs:

1.Support min.90% Toyota/Lexus(2013~2021 8A/4A) smart key programming. Cover all functions of Toyota AKL license.
  8A: DST-AES 88 A8 A9 AA 
  4A: HITAG-AES (Corolla, Ralink)
2.Support Emergency start after programming
3.Can delete lost keys
4.Support Emergency start after programming
5.Can add three or more keys

6.Free password to program dealer key & Lonsdor FT(0410/0440) specific key
7.Can delete lost keys

8.Best choice for Toyota Smart Key Programming.


1.ADP adapter can work without Toyota AKL license or upgrade subscription.
2.ADP can only be bound to one K518 device.Once ADP is bound, it cannot be unbound.

Lonsdor ADP

Package List:

1set x  Lonsdor Super ADP 8A/4A Adapter
1set x Lonsdor K518ISE Key Programmer 
1set x Lonsdor LKE EmulatorKEY PROGRAMMER

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