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The memory device is serial EEPROM Seiko S29190 SMD8 package.
Eeprom can be located in 2 different positions. Click here and here to see where to dig to reach EEPROM.
The expected file size is 128 bytes.
Use JMA TPX2 – Errebi TX2 or CN2/CN5 or K-JMD or YS-01 transponder.
The written transponder is ready and programmed to start the bike.
Note: latest Yamaha immobox Moric DO NOT HAVE serial EEPROM, so please check your immobox before purchasing this software. If there is no serial EEPROM, but a 16-pin chip TMS3705 you need software module 108.

Vehicles equipped with this unit:
Yamaha: BT1100, FJR, FZR, FZ1, FZ6, FZS, XT, XTR, XTX, XVX, YZF
MBK: Skycruiser 125

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