Xhorse EWS3 Adapter for VVDI Prog Programmer XDPG09

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Xhorse VVDI PROG EWS3 Adapter

Work together with VVDI Prog
Add EWS3-KLINE(0D46J) option in <4-IMMOBILIZER>-> (Need EWS3 ADAPTER)


Xhorse VVDI PROG EWS3 Adapter

Add EWS3-KLINE(0D46J) option in <4-IMMOBILIZER>-> (Need EWS3 ADAPTER)

Read and Write for BMW EWS3 module

Package list : 1pc x EWS3 Adapter

VVDI PROG other optional accessories, you can click the hyperlink to make order!
TB28Fxxx Adapter,Read and write AB28FXXX/PA28FXXX/TB28FXXX transponder (PSP44 packed)
PCF79XX Adapter,Read and write PCF79XX transponder,carrier plate and burn-in socket.
EWS3 adapter,read and write for BMW EWS3 module
EWS4 Adapter,read and write for BMW EWS4 module
EPROM clip adapter suit,Carrier plate read -and write EEPROM, transponder pocked by SOP8/DIP8
AM29FXXXB,Read and Write AM29FXXXB series Flash chips
M35080/D80 Adapter,read.write.quickly erase all data
MC68HC05X32 (QFP64) Adapter,Read and write MC68HC05X32(QFP64 package) series chips
MC68HC05BX (PLCC52) Adapter,Read and write MC68HC05BX(PLCC52) series chips
TMS370 Adapter,Read & write TMS370 series chips
EZS Adapter,for Mercedes Benz EIS/EZS

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